Immigration, children and whatever else I can think of

I used to live in McAllen, Texas once upon a time. It was a long time ago, but It’s not like I moved light years away. I have lived in Edinburg for more than a decade — the city just north of McAllen in the Rio Grande Valley. 

(If you are at all interested in what I’m talking about, look up McAllen, Texas and see how it’s been in the news often. From Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez sightings, to former Cowboys quarterback Quincy Carter being busted for marijuana possession, to drug cartels… well, you get the picture. Things happen here.)

Merely living in the 956 doesn’t qualify me as an immigration expert, but as the son of an immigrant who has since become a citizen of this great nation, I feel like I have to chime in. 

First, the children crossing over unaccompanied needs to be addressed. The number of immigrant bodies found in south Texas is through the roof. There are so many unmarked graves in local cemeteries that we should remember this is the land of opportunity, not the land of certain death. We don’t need children to be part of those graves. This isn’t an immigration issue (well, it is), but more of a humanitarian issue. Plus, these kids can’t be deported back to Mexico because, well, they’re not Mexicans. So our neighbor to the south won’t take them. 

Then, why all of a sudden did this become an issue for national media? This has been going on for ages. I’ve seen them cross. Hell, students at Brownsville Porter High School and Valley View High School often see them crossing their campuses during the school day. This isn’t new news, but certainly someone decided it needed the attention on a slow news month. 

Glen Beck and Ted Cruz in McAllen bar-b-queing and helping recent immigrants with food, water, toys and who knows what else? What’s going on here? 

This has become a platform to clearly take away from other national issues. Which issues? I don’t know, but this seems way to convenient for someone. I don’t think folks will care about this issue three months from now. 



3 thoughts on “Immigration, children and whatever else I can think of

  1. Its difficult to know what to believe……..I don’t want to turn away children in need. I just don’t want the criminal gangs you hear of, residing and destroying our interior. Where are they all to go…..who is to take them in and be responsible?

    • You are correct. It is difficult what to believe. But I live on the border, and I don’t have to worry about being killed. These children are just trying to meet with family members who have made it across.Those who have made a life for themselves. It’s not as bad as it has been reported.

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