So, yeah, I’m leaving Texas…

I had this thought months ago where I was pretty sure I was bolting from the 100-plus degree summers in Texas for the mid-60s temperatures of the Central Coast in California. I mused that, since folks love lists these days, maybe I’ll compare and contrast the two states, their people, the food (I have already developed a stereotype on this one), trends and such. 

At the time it seemed brilliant. Like, I was going to be an internet star. I was going to go viral!

I’d have book publishers clamoring for me to wax poetic about the things that folks on the internets go gaga over. Food. Culture. Pop. Sports. … Lady GaGa… Whatever…

(Yes, I meant to type internets).

Of course, I wasn’t in California at the time, so I couldn’t really pen anything until I had first-person knowledge of what them crazy Californians do. OK, I don’t know if they’re crazy, that’s me editorializing on citizens of that state whom I haven’t  even met yet. (Although I did meet a good friend whom I consider family Diana Arroyo, and she’s a nut.)

But what I thought I’d do in trying to work my way up there is perhaps make a list of some of the aspects of Texas, and specifically South Texas, I will miss. 

I don’t think I’m ready to do so at this moment, I mean, I could start off with the food (there’s Tex-Mex and then everything else), the proximity to Mexico (there’s even better tacos there, and the beer is cheap!), the relatively short drive (Texas-wise anyway) to South Padre Island, the price of gasoline (I pumped the other day for $3.11 a gallon), buying pirated recently released movies (and sometimes unreleased ones, too … Wait, did I say that?) at the flea markets (referred to as pulgas here, which translates to “flea” for you non-Spanish speakers).

Don’t get me started on Texas high school football. I played it. I lived it. I love it. 

OK, so I suppose I do have a list to act as a springboard. Still, it’s an idea that has been in the waiting for a while, so I hope I make it good.

In the meantime, I’ll figure out other things to fill what little time I have left in the Lone Star State. I never leave the apartment, so I don’t know what that could be. 

I’m really keeping you guys on the edge of your seats, huh?


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