Social Media, memes, selfies and babies … oh, my!

I’ve not been as social on Facebook as I normally was. I used to be on it non-stop, using it as my stage for “stand-up” comedy. Folks told me I’d they would look forward to my posts, to take a line from a Billy Joel song, “to forget about life for a while.” 

OK, I quoted that lyric on my own, no one actually told me that, but I know what they meant. 

Over the months, I’m not sure how long it has been or when it started, but 2014 has seen less and less posts from me on Facebook. Maybe I became bored. Perhaps it’s the special someone who walking into my life and takes most of my thoughts and time. 

Whatever the case, I stopped posting so much on social media. For a lot of reasons, really. 

One reason I couldn’t stand Facebook anymore were the memes. Don’t get me wrong, I still check my feed regularly, I just have a tendency NOT to reply to those. I figured if you can’t say something for yourself (barring the cleaver memes out there), why post 10 memes in a row? Let’s limit it to one meme every four hours, eh? I’m related to one of these serial memers, and it’s not fun.

Selfies. Selfies don’t necessarily bug me, because they can be cute. The photobombs are the best. But please, please don’t post the same selfie daily for, say, the last two years. Same pose, same look from your driver’s seat, same gagging reflex from me. Change it up, why don’tcha? 

I have a Facebook “friend” I went to high school with whose timeline photo logs look like an Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Can artwork. 

Oh, and the constant pictures of your kids… why? We all know you have kids because you show us every day. Here’s my kid, Day 1…here’s little Timmy Day 867… We know you’re proud of them, and it’s understandable. But daily updates? 

Stop, please, just stop. 

I remember when Facebook connected people to each other. You’d find that friend in third grade who was so close to you you’d share undies (I did it once), and relive those moments and maybe even plan to reunite somewhere. 

It wasn’t a place to air dirty laundry, or practice politics, or share information from websites that have completely invented information and is passed on as gospel. Facebook is dumbing people more and more. Dumber for believing those ridiculous pictures of some parasite that looks like seedlings (they were), or the #TBT (Throw Back Thursday)… OK, I like those, but you catch my drift. 

And the grammer, oy! The punctuation! Doh!

“R U goin 2 werk”

“I really hope I don’t become a bitter old women…. because if I do I will just kill myself I wouldn’t ever wanna put someone though that…”

– End of rant –


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