The California Diary: Where’s the damn Miller Lite?

You will read me constantly compare California to Texas, the greatest nation in the world (minus Rick Perry, Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick — the politician, not the sportscaster).

Yes, I realize Texas is not it’s own soverign territory, much to the chagrin of many right-winged maniacs, but when your state beer’s slogan is “The National Beer of Texas,” well, it has no equal. That’s Lone Star beer, by the way.

I digress…

I love the weather in California. I love the water, the time zone (it’s 5:30 p.m. here now and it’s 7:30 p.m. in Texas), but there are some things that can’t replace Texas. The food is lacking. There is nothing greater than Tex-Mex cuisine. This Mexi-Cali food is for the birds. I can’t get a ground beef taco anywhere. Or ground beef enchiladas for that matter.

I mentined before that this was a subject matter left better for another day, so I’ll stop there.

Then there’s the beer. For beer snobs, this is a great place. So many local beers and craft beers line the shelves in convenience and grocery stores. Hell, you can even find liquor on the shelves at said locations. In Texas, if you want liquor you need to go to the liquor store. So, if you like your Jack and Coke, Mojitos or whatever cocktail lights up your life, it’s readily available here.

Now, Miller Lite, however, is another animal.

Finding a few of those white labels is one of two things: Feast or famine.

Either there’s an 18 or 20 pack ready to  go behind the cooler (when really a 12 pack is all you want), or there none at all. I finally found one place two blocks away that has a good deal on those 18 packs ($12.99), or you can buy a 12-pack for $10.99. Feast or famine.

The beers of choice here, aside from the craft beer, is Bud Light numero uno, then Coors Light as the runner-up. This befuddles me, but I suppose I’ll deal with it just fine.

The weather is great, the people are semi-friendly, and the groceries are a bit pricey, but I suppose I’ll do if I can open up a Miller Lite.


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