The California Diary: … Not that there’s anything wrong with it

OK, I keep throwing this state under the bus for what it’s lacking, like ground beef tacos and enchiladas, lonches, sweet tea, responsible driving (much like driving in the RGV), and whatnot. But not everything I’ve experienced here stinks.

I love the weather, although I sound like the episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza was walked in on when he was just out of the pool. Temperatures are brisk overnight and in the morning, but very comfortable during the day (think 67/55). The wildlife is gorgeous. It appears that when the harbor seals are staring at you walking along the area, they really are staring at you. At least that’s what the sign said.

The seagulls are about twice the size of those found at South Padre Island, and are just as friendly as Texas gulls.

(Note: I will not discuss medicinal marijuana, plus it hasn’t been since college since I rocked the gange. But if I did, well, there’s that… )

photo (2)

I never wanted to come here before, not even to visit. I don’t know why I kept away from here, but I’m glad I changed my mind. There’s plenty to do, plenty to see, even if it’s just people-watching down Cannery Row in Monterey. It’s cool here. I like it. I think I may stay a while.


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