The California Diary: What’s happening, y’all?

I have no real new update. I just felt like posting something today. Nothing remotely amusing happened today, well, not that I want to share, anyway.

I do hope to see my first football game here this Friday. I don’t know if Pacific Grove plays at home or not, but I hope they do. They didn’t do so hot last week, but I’d like to adopt a team. I know it’s not Texas, but I can bring some Friday Night Lights to California.

Tomorrow I interview for a job here. Not a professional job, just a part-time job doing customer service work. That’s all I am really looking for right now. I have some pretty good freelance jobs ahead of me, so between the two I should be able to make things work.

Anyhadoodle, hope y’all have a great rest of the day, and no, I won’t stop saying y’all. You will not take the Texan out of me.


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