So, with Halloween come and gone, there were a lot of clever photos on various social media platforms displaying the costume choices of many across the country. I’m sure they’re still circulating as we, err, read.

But the one that caught my eye, and if you have ever been to deep South Texas (No, I’m not talking San Antonio), lived there or just experience the tacos at the Stripes conenience stores, you’re in love. The tacos are large, and there are a variety of them. Egg and bacon, egg and ham, barbacoa, beans and egg, bacon and egg and the all-time favorite — of which I’ve actually never tried — the Q Taco.

Q Taco

(Please do not call this a burrito or whatever other word you may think this is.)

The Q Taco is named after the local rock and roll station, KFRQ-FM. I don’t know exactly the story, but the tale goes that the morning disk jockey, Allan Sells, would order a taco with potato and egg, beans, cheese, and bacon in it. It later became known as the Q Taco. I can’t confirm or deny this, as I also came to hear that it could have been a contest to see who could come up with the ultimate taco.

It could be a load of horse escrement, too, I don’t know.

So, anyhoot, I was going through Facebook last night and noticed someone posted this picture and I just couldn’t stop laughing. And I had to share.

It also made me miss that part of Texas that I don’t have here.


You see, the gentleman on the right is dressed as said Q Taco, nicely rounded, full and in tin foil while his partner (wife, perhaps) is dressed as a colossal Stripes soft drink. In the middle there, the child, is dresssed in the uniform of the ladies that work behind the sneeze guards and roll the tortillas, make the different combinations of breakfast tacos and serve you as promptly as they can wear. They work for the Laredo Taco Company, which does business inside the Stripes store.

There used to be a very popular local restaurant, El Pato, that had some amazing breakfast tacos. Mrs. G, as she was known, served up some amazing tacos any time of day. But, as is the case with many different mom and pop business, she sold her local chain to a family that ran local car dealerships.

Don’t get me wrong, I would totally buy a Jeep from them. They’re not bad folks (I actually have no clue if they are or not, I’ve never me them, but what else am I supposed to say?) but the flavor that was Mrs. G’s isn’t quite there.

Now, Stripes has since overtaken them. Incidentally, Stripes is a gas station, so you can pick up breakfast, lottery tickets, beer for the college football games (no beer is sold before noon on Sundays when the Dallas Cowboys usually play, Central time), fill the gas tank, rent a movie or fill up your 5-gallon water jug.

I’m sure other shady deals can be made in a Stripes parking lot, but let’s keep this clean.

So when the collective on Facebook saw the above photo pop, it was shared countless times. I gues you need to be from South Texas to get it. If you’re ever in the Rio Grande Valley, and have never had one of these bad boys, it’s worth your time to stop and try one.

No food, and I mean no TexMex food anywhere else in Texas, beats those tacos. Folks in San Antonio will complain, and I can alread envision one commenting on this post on Facebook before two shakes of a dogs tail, but I haven’t had any food other than bar-b-que and hamburgers that rival the breakfast tacos in S.A.

Don’t even get me started on Mi Tierra in the Alamo City.

(Another note: This opinion are of my own, and I’m not a paid advertiser of Stripes convenience stores.)

(This is where I speak in the third-person)

Oscar Gonzalez Jr. is a freelance journalist, meaning he is poor and will mow your lawn for a price, and a Mexican Coke. You can catch him on LinkedIn, on WixFacebook, and Twitter.


The California Diary: I miss my Stripes breakfast tacos (no, they’re not burritos)…

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