A good message without having a stick up the butt about it.

When I saw this, I couldn’t help but laugh. But at the same time I liked it because it took a comical approach to an issue that exists among those of us with Mexican/indigenous ancestry.

I don’t think this applies to white folks in general, as the title in the link below suggests, but there are folks in Texas who think this way. Sometimes you do have to take a step back and say, “Yeah, it may sound racist, but it’s true.” I didn’t have a very large family growing up, but my dad’s family, well, I lose count how many aunts I have.

Sometimes I think poking a little fun at each other is good for relations. I know in my culture folks light candles for just about any reason (need a job, winning the lottery, praying for wellness, etc.) Other things like using Vick’s Vaporub as a cure-all for just about everything under the sun (if you’re of Greek ancestry, think Windex).

In any case, a good, light-hearted attempt to explain an issue those of us with Spanish surnames sometimes encounter.  I don’t remember my mother getting a house, car or computer when she crossed over the Rio Grande as a child.

Check this out.


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