The California Diary: Esta kinda cold!

Ok, so I’m having trouble getting acclimated to the Central Coast weather.

I come from South Texas, where the weather dips to below 70, and every man’s berries jump into his spleen. In South Texas it’s hotter than a June bride sitting bareback on a depot stove. So while we freeze in this kind off weather, you will melt in the hot Texas sun.

But, I came across this today by a television journalist (I had to point out she was a television journalist, I don’t know why I automatically did that) posted on her Facebook post. It’s a joke South Texans hate, but it’s true. It’s 59 degrees here in the Central Coast and I’m wearing athletic shorts and tennies.

But in South Texas, where the temperature is in the 60s right now (albeit raining), folks broke out the parkas. I’m not judging, I did the same thing. Sometimes we just get tired of wearing huaraches, shorts and wife beaters.

Check it out here.


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