Not home for the holiday(s)

I remember back in the old days we used to head to our Aunt Aida’s house for Thanksgiving, where gluttony was on the menu along with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, the Dallas Cowboys, cranberry sauce, gravy, and the like. The greatest aspects about Thanksgiving over at my aunt’s house were the left-overs.

I would constantly spend weekends (if not longer) at my aunts’ houses. Holidays were usually at my Aunt Aida’s. Weekends or summers alternated between my aunt’s Isabel and Irene. But there was some awesome cooking going on in those houses, too. My aunt Isabel had organic eggs (she had a chicken coop) before being organic was chic. My Aunt Irene and grandparents lived in the same roof, which meant fresh tortillas every morning and a variety of breakfasts (but most meals included beans, some sort of potato, and gravy often sneaked its way onto the menu).

That being said, those days have long been gone. Slowly, family members started to no longer exist on this earth (yes, die), moved away or something in that respect. I think some folks started to lose interest, and the gatherings were smaller and smaller.

Now, I’m part of the statistic that has moved away.

I’m going to miss leftovers. I’m going to miss hearing my aunts say things that would make Jerry Seinfeld fall the ground and roll over with laughter. Not because they were funny, but because of how they said things. Now, I know at least one of them will be able to read this, so I’ll spare the specifics, but hearing them speak was hilarious.

Tomorrow, my Aunt Irene will be in Alaska with my smelly cousin Jaime (no his last name ain’t Sanchez), my aunt Isabel is in Austin, and my cousin is spending the holiday with a mutual friend.

It’s probably time to start a new tradition, my own perhaps, but it’s sad to consider.

Where I once worked, the out-of-town employees would have an “Orphan Thanksgiving,” where they would spend the day with each other. I had been invited to it before, but felt bad for not being an “orphan.”

But, as I think of it, as long as I can get turkey, gravy, stuffing/dressing, some mashed potatoes and a slice of pumpking pie — as welll as the Dallas Cowboys — I’ll be OK.


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